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DOWN to EARTH is not just the launch of a film. It’s the launch of a thought, a vision for the future. The film is not just to be viewed, but for you to use it and work with it in the way you feel is needed! We wish to empower individuals, communities and organisations and invite them to challenge their existing mindset by asking the right questions and take responsibility for their own impact. You can now become part of the project by hosting a screening event for your local community, school, or at your workplace. Basically, any environment you think a screening of the film would help accelerate change and create a new dialogue.

We are here to help and support you in making your screening a possibility. We have organised over 300 initiatives in the Netherlands where the film was initially launched two years ago and where it created a huge movement for change. We aim to continue the process of this people-powered change here in the UK. We have learnt the importance of having a facilitated dialogue after the screening of the film. As you may already know, this is a film that touches many people very deeply and having time to share experiences and connect with others after seeing it, proves to be invaluable. It’s always easier to make changes with others than alone!

So, if you would like to organise a screening in your area, there are two options:

(1) Host and facilitate your own screening by ordering a DOWN to EARTH screening pack.

The pack includes:

- A copy of the DVD, to be returned within 2 days after the screening of the film (the DVD is on a loan basis only as it is not yet available for commercial distribution)  

- 8 x A4 posters  (with a blank space so you can add the details of your screening)

- 20 x postcards to distribute to your audience  (we can provide more, if needed)

- 1 x DOWN to EARTH press kit/brochure

- A facilitation pack: a guide to help you run the facilitated dialogue after the screening

We charge a one-off film license fee, which includes all of the above. The fee depends on the type of screening you are planning and whether you are ticketing your event or not. Please see below for more details.

(2) Host a screening with a facilitator from the DOWN to EARTH team

We have a wonderful group of trained facilitators, who guide the dialogues in the cinemas. For a small fee they can bring their gift to your community, ensuring you get the most impact out of your gathering. The advantage for you is that you can simply relax and enjoy the event. We will suggest a fee for the facilitator and ask you to pay for their travel expenses.  

“Scarcity is wisdom”. We are a grassroots project and do everything in our power to be ‘down to earth’ - every item of furniture in our office was donated! However, we must remain independent and sustainable so we can continue to support and grow the movement, and pass on the important messages of the Earth Keepers. This requires people, skills, premises, utilities and, whilst we have much help from our loyal voluntary facilitators and ambassadors, we still have to cover our costs. Any additional proceeds go towards our follow-up project: the production of the DOWN to EARTH web-series on the themes of the film, such as sustainability, education and leadership. We are currently crowdfunding for this next phase of the project so we can start using the many hours of material that were not used in the film. The web-series will also deepen these themes by showcasing 'urban' Earth Keepers living in the UK and Europe, bringing DOWN to EARTH closer to home.

Please fill in the form below and we will come back to you with detailed information, tailored to your circumstances and needs. This takes into account the type of venue you have and the kind of screening you are aiming for. We charge a one-off film license fee, which includes all of the above. The fee depends on the type of screening you are planning and whether you are ticketing your event or not. (Please note, if you have limited funding, by ticketing your event, the licence fee can often easily be covered).

See below for more details.


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Please feel free to let us know about anything else you think would be relevant. Or please add any questions you might have.