Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stay up to date?

The easiest way to stay up to date about our activities, events, screenings and social enterprise is to  subscribe to our newsletter and like us on Facebook.


When will the dvd be released?

The dvd was released in Holland in June 2018. This DVD has only Dutch subtitles and can be ordered only in the Netherlands and Belgium. The film will be available in your country next year (2019).


When will the film be released in my country?

The film was released in UK cinemas in September 2018. We are also looking at possibilities to release DOWN to EARTH in other countries. Subscribe to our newsletter and keep an eye on our website for dates in the UK and other countries. We are working on new territories and will be adding them soon.

Do you think you have connections that can help us release the film in your country? Please let us know here.


How can I help spread the word or join? Are you looking for volunteers?

You are already part of the change! Please have a look at our past collaborations here.

If you are in the UK and would like to help to get the film to your area or city or would like to volunteer you can contact us here. If you are in Holland or Belgium and looking to start your own people-powered change initiative inspired by the wisdoms of the Earth Keepers, please let us know:

If you are in the UK and would like to organise a screening for your local community or in your area, please contact us:

How can I contribute financially?

Another way to help is by supporting the crowdfunding action for the DOWN to EARTH Collective in The Netherlands. Our aim is to use the 200 hours of filming material that have not been used in the film and create new video ‘chapters’ in order to unlock the wisdom of the Earth Keepers further. The first 3 modules will be on the subjects of Leadership, Sustainability and Education. We will involve local, contemporary Earth Keepers in this next project, give them a voice on our platform and thus, bring DOWN To EARTH closer to home.

For more details click here:

I want to write about the film or the social enterprise, or want to interview Rolf and/or Renata. Who do I contact?

For all press-related questions, please send an email with your request to You can find our presskit here.


I want to arrange a screening, what are the conditions?

We support communities, schools, organisations and businesses that want to reconnect with the truths of DOWN to EARTH and initiate sustainable change in their environment. Read about the people-powered change initiatives that are already taking place or start your own.

If you are in the UK, please click here to organise your own screening: 

Rolf and Renata are currently busy pursuing their DOWN to EARTH vision on both a personal and professional level, and will not be able to attend screenings.


My family and I want to go on a journey like yours. How do we go about this?

We have no concrete suggestions on that other than to tell you what we did. In short: We went without any plan other than to learn and grow. We saw it as an opportunity to do something completely different, an opportunity to find a renewed perspective on life. We think this is key: do not plan a journey based on someone else’s, but create your own. Once you start choosing your own path, you’ll see many doors will start opening to you.

If you have any other questions please click here: