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VBMS is part of the renewable energy sector, we develop offshore wind farms. The biggest challenge we have in offshore wind at the moment is that we have to compete with the normal way of producing electricity, which is burning fossil fuels. To successfully compete, we have to actually reach the level of their production costs. 

Currently the whole renewable offshore industry is largely fragmented. There is an optimisation going, but every time by fragment. We need to find a new way of cooperation to get to the last 40 to 50% of cost reduction. It requires a re-thinking, not only in the investment sector, but also looking at the consumption and the generation of the electricity. I strongly believe that people, if they are really assured that the power is generated by a fully 100% renewable source, that perhaps they are willing to pay price that is a bit higher. 

When I first saw the movie it really touched base on taking responsibility. We can all wait and watch what other people should or shouldn’t do, but I think that it appeals directly to your own responsibility as a human being toward this Earth. 

I organised an event where I invited all my colleagues, competitors, clients and the supply chain. As a starting point for the conference I asked Rolf Winters to show the film DOWN to EARTH. It clearly made a contribution. Like me, the people became aware of the fact that we have to take our own responsibilities. Not only towards our company and our shareholders, but also to make a real contribution to the renewable sector, to make this a better world. 

The conference ended with various parties in the renewable energy sector committing to take the industry to the next level. I can only assure you that the movie and the message in the movie really made a difference. 

VBMS specialises in subsea power cable installation, Balance of Plant maintenance for the renewable market, SURF installation for the oil & gas market and installation of interconnectors. For more information, take a look on www.vbms.com


Arno van Poppel

Managing director VBMS