Being an Earth Keeper

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has" -  Margaret Mead

DOWN to EARTH is more than a movie, it is a call to action.

The film reminds us that we are all Earth Keepers. We have a responsibility to leave the world a better place for generations to come. Please see below some of the things you can do to get involved.

Do you have an initiative that deserves attention, please get in touch with us. 

Down To Earth



Upcoming screenings

  • 12
    December 2019
    Masterclass Wisdom-based Leadership
    We know that the world is radically changing due to a tsunami of exponentially developing technology. But within that change, where can we find a meaningful future perspective for humanity, leadership and business? What is Wisdom Based Leadership, why do the disrupters and leaders of tomorrow act according to the fundamentals of Wisdom Based Leadership and how can you become such a leader?
    Thu, 12 Dec 2019 12:00
  • 16
    December 2019
    DOWN to EARTH screening including a dialogue
    Join us for a screening of DOWN to EARTH, followed by a facilitated dialogue. We are in times of great change and challenge within our communities and on the planet. This film provides insights, inspiration and solutions. "We didn’t inherit the Earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children" - Chief Seattle A family of five embark on the journey of a lifetime. During five years on six continents, they seek out indigenous leaders never filmed or interviewed before. The film reveals the deep wisdom they found and its power to transform lives. Come join us to unlock the wisdom of the Earth Keepers. Program: -19.30 Start film Down to Earth -21.00 Facilitated dialogue
    Mon, 16 Dec 2019 18:30
    Social Impact Factory Utrecht, Utrecht