We are very proud to have sold-out screenings in 16 major cities since it’s release on the 11th of September 2018 to a sell-out audience presented by Mark Rylance.

Using the film as an instrument for change, we also want to work with everyone who has seen it or wishes to see it, to continue to create the movement that will incite the people-powered change that is so deeply needed in the world today, the change the Earth Keepers are calling for. Every screening is followed by an open dialogue of 30-40 minutes with the audience, led by a DOWN to EARTH team member. This enables people to share their experiences of viewing the film and to connect with one another in a meaningful way. These connections are already giving life to many individual and collective actions! 

We would like to invite you, our fellow change-maker, to be part of the emergent DOWN to EARTH movement towards a more connected and sustainable way of living. Are you interested in bringing the film to your area or organising your own screening? contact us

You can see what the press has been saying about the film here.