DOWN to EARTH is one of the most successful Dutch documentaries ever. The film is the result of a five-year journey that a family with their three children made in search of the hidden sages of the earth; the Earth Keepers. They realized that the wisdom of the tribal elders should not be lost to the world. The Down to Earth Collective unlocks the message from the Earth Keepers: We are not dependent on others to have an impact, we are in control.
Together we can change the direction of our society and create a new world.

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    December 2019
    Masterclass Wisdom-based Leadership
    We know that the world is radically changing due to a tsunami of exponentially developing technology. But within that change, where can we find a meaningful future perspective for humanity, leadership and business? What is Wisdom Based Leadership, why do the disrupters and leaders of tomorrow act according to the fundamentals of Wisdom Based Leadership and how can you become such a leader?
    Thu, 12 Dec 2019 12:00