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We Facilitate Change

The experiences of the past year have helped us realise that the impact of the film asks for a framework to facilitate change. So much is clear: This film is not to be consumed, it’s to be worked with!

The film exposes a hunger amongst audiences to BE HEARD, to CHANGE and to SHARE.

Reactions at screenings of the film point to the observation the Wisdom Keepers make in the film: that we are living during a global mind shift and that Earth Keepers are awakening everywhere. We have seen people re-evaluate their life, consider their own footprint and change their ways.

“DOWN to EARTH is not just the launch of a film. It’s the launch of a thought. We are in the business of CHANGE, a change of direction. We need to change the way we look at change. Rather than continuing the aim to change the system or the mindset of its leaders, our aim is to generate people-powered change from the ground up: unlocking the potential of the common people. The message of the Earth Keepers in the film is very clear: WE ARE NOT POWERLESS! We do not depend on anyone to manifest our impact. We are masters of our own destiny and together we can change the dialogue, change the paradigm and create a new story.”

This is the time of change and we have the ability to release the incredible human potential that is within all of; and unto this resolve we have set up the DOWN to EARTH Collective.

With the DOWN to EARTH Collective we have a tool for the new paradigm to unfold: A social enterprise facilitating and accelerating the awakening and needed transformation; providing an array of programs and a platform supporting people and communities on their way back to be responsible Earth Keepers. A home base where stories and ideas can be shared, where new initiatives and new communities can be born, unleashing a wave of people-powered change, creating the sustainable world for our children that we all know is possible.

The DOWN to EARTH Collective is set up to manifest this people-powered change process, so that we can become the generation that turned the tide. The generation that drew a line in the sand and said: ‘enough is enough’. It will act as an accelerator in this process, carrying the universal message of the Keepers of the Earth, giving guidance and hope that a new world is possible. It will help to unlock the huge dormant human potential of individuals and communities, creating a movement towards becoming the sustainable beings, the Earth Keepers we were born to be. We do this by facilitating change through shifting consciousness and empowering people in the three areas where one‘s personal development is nurtured the most: at home, at school and at work. Not only are these three environments the biggest influencers on our views and mindset, but where we as individuals can make the most impact.

Success always takes help - we are looking for a few professionals to help us get our message to the world. Check the vacancies we have to make the Social Enterprise to the next level

Pupils, students, teachers & educational institutions
There where the next generation is prepared to hopefully do a better job than previous generations in preserving the livelihood on Earth.
Leaders and transformers in corporations & institutions
There where the biggest & quickest impact can be made to reduce waste, cut down pollution and energy use, ultimately creating a full circular economy.
Households, parents, communities
There where the change ultimately has to happen, in our lifestyle, in our back yard, in our own inner circle, our own community.



How do we raise our children? What society will they build together? We are born sustainable beings, but the way we are raised in our society is what makes us the unsustainable beings we have become. The world around us is changing and we have to educate our children in a way that they will be able to take on the challenges of the future. We have to nurture the innate knowing of children - reminding them who they are and what they can do. We have to facilitate a change in education where children don’t have to get lost and become the generation that turns the tide. With DTE@SCHOOL we want to offer a ‘missing element’ in the current curriculum: The understanding of ones role and responsibility towards our planet and all its life. Understanding one’s self. Nurturing and maintain the natural connection that we all have to the source of life. As well as nurturing the natural intuitive ability to question anything that doesn’t resonate.

“We offer educational institutions and teachers the tools to take pupils and students on a journey of recovery: re-connecting heart and mind, re-aligning purpose with progress.”

We are currently developing 4 different and tailored programs for the following age groups in the Netherlands: (12 yrs) : Primary school program (final year) (16-18 yrs.) : Secondary school/MBO program (final year) (19-22 yrs) : University/HBO program (pre career) Teachers : Primary/Secondary schools and HBO programs

Actions taken:

Erasmus University: Wisdom based leadership lecture

As part of the Erasmus honours program: Grand Challenges, Down to Earth was shown to the Honours students and Rolf had a lecture on wisdom based leadership. The students who initially only came for a 3 hour session stayed for 6 hours till the janitor had to lock us out.

“We’ve shown Down to Earth to a class with 25 Honours students from Erasmus University, to close off a module on Leadership. After the movie, Rolf Winters gave a class on leadership followed by an in-depth discussion with students, reflecting on the movie, on their journey and their challenges. This session was amazingly rich and provided insights and change on a very deep level. Students were energized, inspired and empowered by the combination of watching, listening and feeling. The session has make a lasting impact, so we will definitely keep it as part of our honours programme and are now looking at other curricula and ways for collaboration.“

Drs. Eva Rood
Rotterdam School of Management

Basis school pilot program day

Primary education, started with a pilot-school-day at nov 6, to tune into the needs of the students, teachers and parents about what the impact of the film could be in schools, and what the programs could look like. One thing was stated very clearly from the teachers perspective: We do NOT need another ready made program!

We worked with a group of 14 kids, 15 teachers and 8 parents. The atmosphere and synergy was great, and we could really feel the urge to make a difference. It was also clear that the way to make this difference was reached via very different roads. So this was our challenge: To make a program with a clear perspective, but with enough space to create your path to your (schools) own goal. This isn't something that can be ‘fixed’ in one day or afternoon, but its a proces we have to facilitate over time.

We are drafting a program now from what we learnt and will do more pilot programs in schools, so in spring 2017 we will have a program ready, and we can start to roll out our programs in schoolyear 2017/2018!

Orly Seagull talks about how Down to Earth inspired her to start a @ School initiative in Israel .




Our world longs for true, honest and strong leaders that serve with integrity and with the greater good in mind. To lead society beyond our current generation. Whether it’s in our businesses, our governments or our institutions, we need role models that can be considered significant change makers, making the world a better place for future generations. It’s time for new paradigm-set in the world of leadership where people and planet are not compromised for profit. Both employees and customers need leaders with a purpose and a story they can and want to believe in. Something that ignites their commitment and responsibility to want to make their personal world and thereby the entire world a better place.

Those organisations that step up now and create their own internal ‘disruption’, will be in the lead in years to come and stay relevant to consumers, employees, shareholders and society as a whole. Those who do not transform and think that they can afford to wait/have not the consciousness to change, will find external disruptors on their path, and discover that it’s too late to shift gears. Transforming existing structures and processes into sustainable ones requires time and collective co-creation within the organisation as well as in the entire supply chain. The aim of every organisation should be to be growing towards a full-circular economic model. So, in order to stay ahead of the game and prevent disrupters to undermine the relevance of itself, organisations should have the guts to embark on a journey of uncertainty to reach their true destination.

“We guide organizations on the journey to be relevant and have purpose in the world of tomorrow.”
“The DTE Collective invites organisations on a journey of transformation, re-defining the path that guarantees relevance of the organisation for the future, and by doing so assuring continuity for all its stakeholders and the planet. Rooted in age-old teachings, that are now more relevant than ever, we are facilitating a process that involves every member of the organisation. We will help re-define the leadership, finding the true leaders within that can inspire and empower, that will be elementary in unlocking the dormant human potential in the organisation as well as in the entire supply chain.”

DOWN to EARTH @WORK in practice The starting point is a collective will and belief that we can do better, in creating a better future. We strongly believe the answers for every question can and will be found within the organization, as role model sustainable organisations show us. DTE@WORK is there to guide the organisation in formulating the right questions ánd providing the stepping stones in the process to unlock the answers and solutions. This process of self-discovery, critically looking at the existing mind-set, is the only sustainable way to manifest change, utilizing the existing organisational abilities, energy and the collective creativity that is dying to get out.



Arno van Poppel tells his experience of using the film in his business.



How do I walk my own path? How can I embody the change that I want to see in the world? How can I live a truly connected life? These are questions asked by an audience at the end of the film. People want to take charge of their lives and act. The audience feels a need to start living from a different intent, tapping into a different source, making decisions from a different set of values, treating those close to us accordingly. So the message is to start small and start in your own circle, your own home, your own relatives and friends your own community.

“We guide individuals on their journey to being better Earth Keepers by re-connecting to their own wisdom”

The overwhelming success of the film in the cinemas with facilitation makes us aware that there is a change happening in society. Seeing the changes around them in the world, in politics, the environment, in their own towns and cities, people are aware that they will have to be the change that they want to see in the world. They realize the responsibility we carry on our shoulders to leave the world a better place for our children and the future. Who am I in this world today? And How can I live my truth?

DTE@HOME will help people on their way to be more connected and therefore more sustainable human beings, taking responsibility for themselves and help to make a change in the collective mindset. With every drop of water we fill the sea of change. We facilitate a process where we begin with asking the right questions and on the way DTE@HOME will guide and support individuals, families and local communities who are keen to become better Earth Keepers.

We will launch our different programs in February 2017.