DOWN to EARTH Collective

We Ignite Change

We believe in your ability to activate the change you wish to see in this world. The mission of the Down to Earth Collective is to ignite and enable people-powered change towards a more sustainable world. Inspired by the teachings of the Earth’s Wisdom Keepers, the enterprise will facilitate this change by waking up people throughout our society. We empower individuals, communities and organisations and invite them to challenge their existing mind-set by asking the right questions and take responsibility for their own impact and footprint. Using the film DOWN to EARTH as a starting point, we seek to unlock the huge dormant potential of individuals and communities, creating a critical mass of Earth Keepers around the world.

DOWN to EARTH offers tools to help you ask the right questions to gain back your power to dream, follow your visions, share your gifts, live with purpose and to contribute to a better future.

Rather than trying to fight the system or the mindset of its leaders, our aim is to generate people-powered change from the ground up: unleash the potential of the common people. The message of the Earth Keepers in the film is very clear: WE ARE NOT POWERLESS! We do not depend on anyone to manifest our impact. So let's start today!

Our focus is in the three areas where one’s mindset is predominantly formed: at home, at school and at work. Not only are these three environments the biggest influencers on our views and mindset, but also where we as individuals can make the most impact.


Pupils, students, teachers & educational institutions
Preparing the next generation to preserve livelihood on Earth.

Leaders and transformers in corporations & institutions
Impacting businesses to ultimately create a full circular economy

Households, parents, communities
Creating change in our lifestyle, our backyard, our own community

DOWN to EARTH @School


How do we raise our children? What society will they build together? We are born sustainable beings, but the way we are raised in our society is what makes us the unsustainable beings we have become. The world around us is changing and we have to educate our children in a way that they will be able to take on the challenges of the future. We have to nurture the innate knowing of children - reminding them who they are and what they can do. We have to facilitate a change in education where children don’t have to get lost and can become the generation that turns the tide.

“We offer educational institutions and teachers the tools to take pupils and students on a journey of recovery: re-connecting heart and mind, re-aligning purpose with progress.”
With DTE@SCHOOL we want to offer a ‘missing element’ in the current curriculum: The understanding of one’s role and responsibility towards our planet and all its life. Understanding one’s self. Nurturing and maintaining the natural connection that we all have to the source of life, as well as nurturing children’s natural intuitive ability to question.

We are currently developing 4 different and tailored programs for the following age groups:

  • Final year of primary school - 12 years of age
  • Final year of secondary school - 16-18 years of age
  • University (pre-career) - 19-22 years of age
  • Teachers and School management - primary, secondary and higher education



It’s time for a new paradigm set in the world of leadership where people and planet are not compromised for profit; time for leaders that lead with a scope beyond our current generation.

“We guide organizations on the journey to be relevant and have purpose in the world of tomorrow.”

The DTE Collective invites organisations on a journey of transformation, re-defining the path that guarantees relevance of the organisation for the future, and by doing so assuring continuity for all its stakeholders and the planet. Rooted in age-old teachings, that are now more relevant than ever, we are facilitating a process that involves every member of the organisation. We will help re-define the leadership, finding the true leaders within that can inspire and empower, that will be elementary in unlocking the dormant human potential in the organisation as well as in the entire supply chain.

The aim of every organisation should be to be growing towards a full-circular economic model. In order to stay ahead of the game and prevent disrupters to undermine it's relevance, organisations need the guts to embark on a journey of uncertainty to reach their true destination. Those organisations that step up now and create their own internal ‘disruption’ will be in the lead in years to come and stay relevant to consumers, employees, shareholders and society as a whole. Transforming existing structures and processes into sustainable ones requires time and collective co-creation within the organisation as well as in the entire supply chain.

The starting point is a collective will and belief that we can do better and create a better future. We strongly believe the answers for every question can and will be found within the organisation. DTE@WORK is there to guide the organisation in formulating the right questions and providing the stepping stones in the process to unlock the answers and solutions. This process of self-discovery, critically looking at the existing mind-set, is the only sustainable way to manifest change, utilizing the existing organisational abilities, energy and the collective creativity that is dying to get out.

We work with a network of down-to-earth partners and facilitators who can support you and your organization in this transformational process. We are developing a program on Wisdom-based Leadership, a tested concept that is anchored in the age-old indigenous teachings on leadership, which are now more relevant than ever. We are also developing a web-based platform with downloadable content and tools to support you in your quest to be a better Earth Keeper and to become a leader fit to lead for a better future.




How do I walk my own path? How can I embody the change that I want to see in the world? How can I live a truly connected life? These are questions frequently asked by the audience at the end of the film. People want to take charge of their lives and act. The audience feels a need to start living from a different intent, tapping into a different source, making decisions from a different set of values, treating those close to us accordingly. The message is to start small and start in your own circle, your own home, your own relatives and friends, your own community.

“We guide individuals on their journey to being better Earth Keepers by re-connecting to their own wisdom”

DTE@HOME will help people on their way to be more connected and therefore more sustainable human beings, taking responsibility for themselves and help to make a change in the collective mindset. With every drop of water we fill the sea of change. We facilitate a process where we begin with asking the right questions and on the way DTE@HOME will guide and support individuals, families and local communities who are keen to become better Earth Keepers.

We are currently developing a web-based platform with downloadable content and tools to support you in your quest to become a better Earth Keeper.