Special screening plus dialogue with the filmmakers

 August 22nd @ 15:30  at

Vika Movie Theatre - Ruseløkkveien 14, 0251 Oslo, Norway

You are cordially invited to a screening of  DOWN to EARTH. Filmmaker and fellow FT delegate Rolf Winters invites you to watch the film ahead of the delegates dinner. It will be screened in cinema in downtown Oslo, close to the hotels and Mesh. Do not miss the chance to see the film that touches hearts and minds and activates people-powered change. As there are limited seats we would be grateful if you would please RSVP with the form below so there are no disappointments. More information below. 

15:15 Welcome
15:30 Introduction by Rolf Winters
15:40 DOWN to EARTH Screening
17:10  Dialogue with Rolf and his daughter Zoeli
17:30 End- Leave together from venue and head to the delegate dinner after the screening

About the Film

Rolf, his wife Renata and their three young children traveled the ends of the earth searching for a new perspective on life. In their five-year journey across six continents, they lived with some of the oldest indigenous communities on the planet. They gained access to tribal sages never filmed or interviewed before. Without a crew or schedule, just one backpack and one camera each. And the curiosity to listen.The film reveals the deep wisdom the family discovered in their conversations with these 'Earth Keepers' and its power to transform lives.

The message of the Keepers of the Earth is reaching audiences right in their heart and empowers them to take responsibility. This unique screening of DOWN to EARTH at FutureTalks will be 3 weeks ahead of its premiere and release in the UK.  The film will be presented to us by director/producer Rolf and his daughter Zoeli.

A call to action
The film was first shown to the negotiators of the COP21 - the UN Global Climate Summit - to get them in the right state of mind/heart. Since then they did an experimental cinema release in The Netherlands, involving the public and starting dialogues in the cinema. The experiment grew to become the biggest cinematic phenomenon in the country, and also evolved into a 'Down to Earth movement, sprouting new initiatives of people-powered change. It surpassed the record box office of An Inconvenient Truth, and has now become the most successful documentary film ever in the Netherlands. Besides two international awards, the film also recently won the prize for Best Educational Film and is now being piloted for use in the Dutch education system. 
The makers do not see DOWN to EARTH as just the launch of a film; it’s the launch of a thought, a different mind-set and world view which are required if we want to ensure a future for the next generations. Their aim is to generate people-powered change from the ground up: unlocking the potential of the common people. The film is not to be consumed, but to be worked with.

As the film can be seen as a 'tool' for raising consciousness, the makers are keen to co-create with fellow change makers and discuss the possibilities on how to create a bigger impact together.