“This film is not to be consumed, it’s to be worked with!” 

DOWN to EARTH Social Enterprise

The experience of the past year has helped us realise that the impact of the film asks for a follow-up. The film exposes a hunger amongst audiences wanting to be HEARD, to embody the CHANGE and to SHARE experiences and ideas: A movement is growing. Audiences have shown us they want to use the film in their communities, their schools and their businesses. We have seen how the film works as a doorway, opening up audiences and helps to trigger a new dialogue.  This is what it is about, the foundation of a sustainable future: People who take responsibility for their own footprint and start thinking, living and acting as Earth Keepers. 

The DOWN to EARTH Social Enterprise has been set up to realise this vision. Screenings followed by a dialogue and the opportunity to participate in workshops and programmes help people to connect, co-create and build community. We want to support communities to realise their potential to be the change and identify with a larger community of like-minded Earth Keepers. Based on audience responses three domains have been identified, where we will provide services & products to support and accelerate a people-powered change: @school, @work, and @home - Where our mind-set is pre-dominantly developed and nurtured.

In Spring 2017 we will launch a range of workshops and programmes around the film, in collaboration with a network of partners.
These are currently being developed and tested. If you want to be part of this process and/or become a partner, please contact us.

The Foundation (Coming Spring 2017)

An integral part of the social enterprise is the DOWN to EARTH Foundation, the charitable arm. The Foundation will actively support the work of the social enterprise by providing programmes for individuals, communities and organisations that are unable to pay for the programmes, with a particular focus on young change makers. The Foundation seeks to activate the younger generation by exposing them to the film and its message, initiating a dialogue and empowering them to embrace being an Earth Keeper.

“We are all Earth Keepers”